Editor 1.9.0 - timepicker (old style)

Editor 1.9.0 - timepicker (old style)

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i just updated to editor 1.9.0 - the design of the timepicker changed (which i don't like, becaus it takes alot of space).

can i use the old (select style) ? but how.


  • mdesignmdesign Posts: 46Questions: 12Answers: 0

    ist there really no change to use within 1.9.0 the 1.8.1 Version for Selecting hours & minutes (Dropdown Select) insteat of the new table design ? So i have to stay at 1.8.1

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    We did debate about this a lot and ultimately felt that while the new design does take a lot of space, it does also allow input a lot quicker. We're going to introduce a horizontal layout option for date and time, in addition to the current vertical layout (that will be in 1.9.1) - would that help at all?

    The only way to switch back to the old style is to use the old field type code as a plug-in.


  • mdesignmdesign Posts: 46Questions: 12Answers: 0

    thx allan. i will wait for 1.9.1 and see if it fits to our design.

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