Dependent fields and bulk editing

Dependent fields and bulk editing

washuit-iammwashuit-iamm Posts: 56Questions: 25Answers: 1

I noticed that I can disable dependent fields, during editing it will disable the field and add my message that says "click checkbox A to be able to edit this field".

However, during bulk-editing those settings are no longer respected. There might be a mix of values for "checkbox A" so the dependent field has no idea what to show. So it just shows "Multiple Values" or it shows no data if there are no data across all selected rows.

This caused my users to have a surprise because our back-end tries to also enforce the dependency, so the save brings back an error.

Does anyone know a "fix" for this? Or a possible enhancement to prevent this?


  • allanallan Posts: 51,440Questions: 1Answers: 7,758 Site admin

    Difficult one. I actually don't have a good answer for this at the moment I'm afraid and we are going to have to think about this.


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