Changing Button Text

Changing Button Text

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Hi Allan,

A double click on a cell in datatable A invokes editor/datatable B.

editor/Datatable B has a customised 'create' form with modified title & button text. The customised 'create' form is accessed in one of 2 ways:

  1. via the classic datatable 'create' button
  2. via an editor.create().open() call

In my test the option 1 uses i18n to populate the create form. However, option 2 does not seem to use i18n. This caused me some confusion.

The solution:

Using option 2, I can customise the 'create' form by using formOptions in the editor configuration OR by setting options on the fly inside editor.create({options}).open(). Setting options on the fly is not ideal in my use case, so I used formOptions with the resulting code outtake from editor settings:

    table: "#adminDt",
    i18n: {
            button: 'Add template',  // datatable button text
            title:  'Add template to page',  // Form title
            submit: 'Submit' // form submit text
    formOptions: {
        main: {  // <--- CUSTOMISE CREATE FORM ACCESSED VIA editor.create().open()
            title: 'Add template to page',    // DUPLICATION
            buttons: [
                'Submit'  // DUPLICATION

The solution above works but it seems I'm DUPLICATING on the settings. Is this intended behaviour?

The ideal behaviour might be to use the customisation text for ALL 'create' forms in i18n UNLESS there is an option overridden elsewhere?

I look forward to hearing back.



Potential Correction in Docs:

Example 3 on this page to use legacy fn / label when it might be better to use action / text according to section 'Legacy' in the page below

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    In this case, since you are triggering the create action via both the API and the predefined create button then yes this is expected.

    The formOptions are used as the default, but the predefined buttons have their own options already specified (which in turn are overridden by the i18n option.

    That is counterintuative thinking about it now...! But for the moment it is expected I'm afraid.


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