CSV import can't exceed more then 167 rows

CSV import can't exceed more then 167 rows

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There's an issue with the csv import https://editor.datatables.net/examples/extensions/import.html.
It cannot import more then 167 rows. The example only have 6 fields, and if you remove one of the fields so there's only 5, it can import 200 rows, and if there's 7 fields it can import 143 rows.

I've copied the code more or less into my project, which have 30 fields, and for that it can only import maximum 34 rows. I've been looking through the forum to check if someone else had the problem, but didn't really get any answers.

I did try to change the value of max_input_vars in php.ini as @allan suggested in this https://www.datatables.net/forums/discussion/comment/150065/#Comment_150065 but that didn't help.

The files that I need to upload may exceed more then 10.000+ rows.

Any idea how to solve this? :smile:

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    This question can be closed...

    I just didn't realize until now, that the max_input_vars in php.ini was out commented... It works now like a charm.


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    Ah excellent, thanks for letting us know.

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