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Username and Password

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My web developer can not sign in with the username and password I was given. I'm not seeing a place to spot or change my password anywhere. When I try to do it at login saying I forgot my password, I'm redirected to a page that is empty.

Right now, the software I bought cannot be used for this reason, Mulitple emails to support are going unanswered. I'd like any help you can offer on getting a new password to get my web developer access to my purchase because what I've downloaded isn't enough for him. Thanks.


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    It just took me a while to find the password change - it does seem convoluted. Please can you try following these steps:

    1. log in to the account
    2. Click on "Forums" on the left hand set of links
    3. Click on your user name on the options that appear below "Forums"
    4. Click on the icon of the person near the top of the page, and select "Edit Profile"
    5. On the right, you should now see a "Change Password" link

    If that doesn't work, please reply back or PM me, and I'll reset it for you.


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