Detect Error state of field

Detect Error state of field

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Hi guys,

Question: How do I get a true false check on whether a field is currently displaying a fieldError? Or even to return the error message for comparison.

I have created a field which takes address input. With each key-strike, the Editor client sends an ajax lookup to the server.

The server looks up the address but usually responds with the error text "not found" until there is enough data. I update the error field using:

editor.field('lookup').error('not found')

However! This causes the error to 'reappear and reanimate' each time, which looks odd.

My proposed solution is to write something like this:

if(editor.field(e['name']). HAS NO ERROR)

Such that the error appears and does not update for every identical repeat error.

My problem is that I have been unsuccessful at finding out how to check if a field is in error.



Any help gratefully received!


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