Select field from another table

Select field from another table

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Good evening! I've read a lot about DataTable in recent days. I studied all the examples.
I see that there are many opportunities. On the other hand, for me-a beginner, a lot of difficulties. Please help me. I'm trying to move gradually, but I'm a little confused. I would like to solve this problem:
There are two tables:

--- Table 1 «Countries» ---
Field «id»
Field «Name_Country»

--- Table 2 " Users» ---
Field "id_Country»
Field "Name_User»

In the browser, you need to display Table 2 "Users", but instead of the "id_Country" field, put the values of the "Name_Country" field in Table 1 "Countries".
For example:
USA Boris
Poland Elisa

And in the editor, I would like the first field - SELECT based on the values of the "Name_Country" field from Table 1 "Countries". But, of course, the corresponding value of the "id" field from this Table should be substituted in Table 2 "Users".


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