DataTable Edior issue with postgrsql

DataTable Edior issue with postgrsql Posts: 16Questions: 6Answers: 0

I postgrsql you got catalogs named like public and you can even create you own catalog in postgrsql
to navigate to a catalog in postgrsql u need to use . then table name or sp or function.
when i trying insert to a table name products in catalog pj i type pj.products i even try move the table to public and type public.products when it try doing a insert it will not report any problem or doing any modifcation or insert of data.


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    I am using dotnet core for this

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    Could you add .Debug(true) just before the .Process(...) call please and then show me the JSON that the server responds with to the Ajax request? It will include the SQL the library is generating and attempting to execute.


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    I have wrote my own version of .net library for datatable it support what I need now

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