DataTables pagination links to incorrect URL

DataTables pagination links to incorrect URL

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Hey guys,

I have a little problem with datatables on my blazor site.
I´ve pagination enabled, but when I want to change the site my browser opens the url cause datatables does not recognize the correct url.

The correct url was: https://localhost:44314/exec/state/3 but datatables thinks that its https://localhost:44314/#. Cause its not the root site, my browser loads the root site instead of changing the page.

Is there anything special, which I must look for?

My datatable config looks like this:

        "paging": true,
        "lengthChange": true,
        "searching": false,
        "ordering": true,
        "info": false,
        "autoWidth": false,
        "scrollX": true,
        "scrollY": true,

Thanks for anyone who can help!

Best regards,


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