Import contacts

Import contacts

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I am working on an application that users work through their data an then it exports in the proper format to input into a different system. I am playing with the idea of letting users import a csv, but thought it would be cooler to let them connect to google, linkedin,, etc. and import their existing contacts and then just clean things up/update. Anyone approached this and have thoughts?

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    Sounds like a great system and a good idea to make things easier for your users. However, I'm not clear how your question relates to DataTables?


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    The plan is to use data tables as the core. If the user comes to a page with a data table that is formatted for the user to enter contact information, one row per user, then I can easily allow them to import a csv file to start from, but I was think in g of adding a button to let them import their contacts directly from a contact service(LinkedIn, outlook, Gmail, etc) instead. Then once loaded they can use data table to update/edit and refine. Once complete they export their work.

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    You will need to put together the code to fetch the contacts from the desired services then structure the data into something Datatables supports, more info here. You can use Editor for table editing or write your own. Then use the Export Button to export the data.


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    Thanks, I know that general setup, I was more curious if anyone has tackled anything like this or pulled in content from a contacts source before starting from scratch.

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