Strange behavior in ColReorder

Strange behavior in ColReorder

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Hi everyone, I am having trouble using the ColReorder plugin, using server-side processing. Here's what happens:

1. When I drag a column, instead of the column header not showing, the following (what seems to be the table's caption as well) appears: . The reordering is done.

2. When I do reorder the column, when I try to reload the data, I get a bunch of `undefined`s, like this:

3. I couldn't replicate the next step in an image, but I can tell that, when I start messing with the order around various columns and try to fetch data, I get many errors due to undefined objects.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'param' of undefined
columns.push.fnRender | :22
v | dataTables.min.js:48
Aa | dataTables.min.js:66
i.fn.dataTable.a.iDraw | dataTables.min.js:65
init.grid.$.dataTable.fnServerData | grid.js:46
f.extend._Deferred.e.resolveWith | jquery.min.js:16
w | jquery.min.js:18 | jquery.min.js:18

If you feel there's more data needed to solve the issue please tell me.
Thank you.


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    Can you give us a link to your page please, or post a simple example showing the problem somewhere? Not sure I've tested ColReorder with a caption tag, so quite possible that that is the problem - I'll try it soon.

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    I'll provide an example in an hour or so, if that's okay.
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    Hi Allan, I managed to port the failing test scenario into here:
    Please note that it has been ported from a dynamic system and thus the imense amount of duplication.

    However you can try and replicate the issue now. Thank you so much for helping, let me know of anything I can do to help.
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    Hi josemota,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I've just committed a fix for ColReorder which will deal with the caption issue. You can get the latest change from the downloads page (the ColReorder nightly): .

    It is possible that the other issue you were seeing is related to this, but I've not actually been able to reproduce the error on the test page. If you see it again, could you give me a shout?

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