Scroller performance very slow

Scroller performance very slow

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I've got a very large dataset (about 12,000 rows, 14 columns and maybe an average of 20-30 characters in each cell). I get the data in a single Ajax request. DataTables works absolutely brilliantly when I'm using paging and the page renders in a total of 5-10 seconds. I'd like to be able to use scrolling though, and I thought the new Scroller would be the answer to my problems. But with anything more than a few hundred rows the page completely seizes up and doesn't render even after about a minute. I'm using deferred rendering, have turned off other plug-ins, but still get the same issue. I tried the latest nightly build of the Scroller and still the same issue.

Any ideas?



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    Can you link us to your example page please? Scroller, in theory, shouldn't have a problem coming with that many rows - but I've certainly like to take a closer look at it.

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