Development path forward of DataTables

Development path forward of DataTables

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Can anyone outline the development path forward for DataTables? I have seen a few incremental updates but was wondering what the path forward will be in terms of major and minor releases.



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    In terms of DataTables, our main focus for features and the link is now on v2 (see the current state of play in guthub) which will bring new layout options, remove the legacy API and other enhancements. It likely won't be ready for release until sometime in 2021 though.

    We are a team of three, and we are balancing between DataTables and its extensions, Editor and our new CloudTables software. There are a ton of things we'd like to do, and its a case of trying to get through them as best we can.

    Incremental releases of DataTables and the extensions are coming very soon. A new search extension for DataTables as well. CloudTables is also close to receiving an update to allow import and calculated values.

    Is there anything specific you are interested in, or were you just looking for reassurance that DataTables is going to continue to be developed? If the later, then I can say without hesitation, that it has a long future ahead of it :).


  • barbedCoilbarbedCoil Posts: 8Questions: 4Answers: 0

    Thanks, I understand about small teams. I'm part of a team of 2 managing a bunch of applications, it's difficult to move forward at times.

    Thanks for the update and looks like CloudTables could provide some interesting solutions.

    I was looking for some idea of where things are going and also some reassurance as we are using DataTables in multiple applications.

    Thanks again Allan, good job!

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