Plugin or Core? Modal div on bProcessing

Plugin or Core? Modal div on bProcessing

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Hi everyone, I've been building this feature today and was wondering if you guys feel it should belong to _core_ or it should be built as a _plugin_. I've reached Allan on the subject and he's not sure so he asked me to ask you.

Here's the link for the code.

Let us know what you guys think. Would love some feedback. Thanks guys.


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    Thanks for this function I too need a modal processing while server side action is processing to prevent user interaction.. thanks but how do I call it?
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    Very certainly a plug-in for this kind of think I would say. There are a number of options for how to build a plug-in for this, but possibly the cleanest way is with a new feature I've just added for 1.9 - the 'processing' event. What you could do is bind to the processing event and effectively replace the built=in processing option (indeed, what could/should be done with the plug-in is to use sDom for it: ). That way you would just initialise it by using the sDom parameter with the new plug-in feature letter.

    To bind events to DataTables you just use jQuery.bind - for example $('#example').bind('processing', function () {...} );

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