Save in Editor fails in IE11, then leaves Editor in bad state.

Save in Editor fails in IE11, then leaves Editor in bad state.

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Link to test case:,js,console,output

Debugger code (

DataTables Up to date 1.10.22
Editor Up to date 1.9.5

Error messages shown:

Description of problem:
We updated to the latest DataTables and Editor and have noticed a problem that only happens in Internet Explorer 11. It seems to work fine in Windows: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge; MacOS: Safari, Google Chrome.

This issue occurs when we have multiple fields defined for the Editor... if we only define one field it seems to work in IE11.

The issue happens when we try to click the "Save" button to submit the change. the UI emits no change. We have console logging happening in the example linked above to show that the Save button event handler is firing and attempting to submit the data. The code aborts prematurely for some reason.

Once this happens, the editor is left in a bad state. You can click the "Cancel" button and the editor will close, but when you try to open the editor again nothing happens. Again the console logging will show that it is trying to open but I believe the bad state is preventing it from opening again.

The data is never submitted/updated.

I am new to submitting reports here so I hope I included everything needed to help diagnose this.
I appreciate you taking the time to investigate.


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