RowGrouping with flexible organization

RowGrouping with flexible organization

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Hi, everybody.

I'm excited about this wonderful tool that have solved us a large number of issues.
So I've a problem I can't understand if I can solve with this tool too.
I've to show the members of an organization, with grouping.
But here comes the trouble, every location have a different number of levels.
So, for example, I can have one location with few levels and another one with 6 or 7 levels.
Anyone have some suggestions o examples how to solve this?

Thanks a lot!


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    Hi @mangaraus ,

    If I understand you correctly, you want to know if rowGroup can create groups with different numbers of rows in each group? Is that what you mean by levels?

    If yes then that is certainly possible, take a look at this example. rowGroup should do this automatically.

    If not could you please link to or create a test case that shows the issue so that we can understand it better? Information on how to create a test case (if you aren't able to link to the page you are working on) is available here.


  • mangarausmangaraus Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0
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    Thank's for the answer but it isn't what I meant.
    This is the usual grouping I already appreciate.
    According with the example, I try to explain better.
    For Instance... may I have:

    Edimburgh -> System Architect
    Edimburgh -> Support Lead -> Personnel Lead
    London. -> Senior Marketing Designer
    London. -> Software Engineer -> Systems Administrator -> Developer

    Obviously I picked casually some items only to try to explain the problem.
    I can have a different number of columns for every row usually between one and seven.
    So I have, for instance, seven columns ( Col_1, Col2 and so on...) but in some rows may only the first column have a value and the others empty and so on...
    I hope I've explained well the problem.

    Thank's a lot...

  • sandysandy Posts: 705Questions: 0Answers: 192

    Hi @mangaraus ,

    Thanks for the clarification, I understand now. You need to have a different column of data for each level. A way to work around the above would be to store the positions in seperate columns and then do some jQuery magic to pull it together nicely. Take a look at the following example.


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