Question - Editor for DataTables and CodeIgniter 4.

Question - Editor for DataTables and CodeIgniter 4.

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Preview. I had a brain hemorrhage in 2018. From zero to where I am now. I was working for myself on a project since August 2017 that consisted of an Android application, a MariaDB database, CodeIgniter 3, Datatables and Editor for Datatables. It's now over 3 years later and I'm looking forward to it again.

By itself, one thing has changed, CodeIgniter 4. This seems like a great jump for me.

I feel the need for a convergence between 'Datatables and Editor for Datatables' and 'CodeIgniter 4'. So between both vendors.

In short how do you work best with Datatables and Editor for Datatables in CodeIgniter 4. A consultation between both vendors and then a one on one recommendation. I am willing to put in 100 Euros for this, but maybe this amount could be higher if more people can contribute.

This question is addressed to:
1. Datatables and Editor for Datatables supplier ( )
2. CodeIgniter 4 supplier ( )
3. To anyone who wants to make use of two brilliant products

And if this proves to be an effective method, why not also for various other package connections.


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    HI Gerard,

    Sorry to hear about your medical condition, but at the same time, excellent to hear that your recovery has gone well.

    CodeIgniter is a fantastic framework, no question. That said, we have intentionally kept the PHP libraries we provide for Editor framework agnostic. That means they can be used alongside CI, Laravel, CakePHP or any other framework. Our libraries don’t depend on any one framework, but rather they can site alongside them.

    I’m sure it would be possible to do a tight integration with CI using the CI database methods and so on, but it isn’t something that we are working on. As I say, the two can be used side-by-side and can complement each other. For example you might use the session, security and user controls of CI, while using Editor’s libraries for the table CRUD actions.


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    OK, thank you for your reply.

    I wrote my post of April 10 because I would like to be able to get a little more guidance, but by now that has come of itself. Partly because of your reply and partly because of a reply from CodeIgniter.

    I will take things a bit 'slower', but I think I can get something done with both products (CI and DataTables/Editor for DataTables).

    Kind regards,

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