Predefining Value Dropdown

Predefining Value Dropdown

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Until server-side processing is available for SearchBuilder, I'm trying to work around and implement my own, which is working pretty well for the most part.

That said, I'm looking for a way to predefine the values that appear in the Value select that are normally auto-populated from the distinct values in the table data column. I can easily get the distinct values server-side so that it covers the entire dataset, but no way I can see to actually have SearchBuilder use that data.

I've stepped thru the datatables source, mainly looking at Criteria.initSelect, and there doesn't seem to be any way to do what I'm asking without adding the feature myself.

Any ideas?

For example, I have a DB column with three possible values -- Completed, Canceled, and Rejected.

When I choose one of the values to filter, say 'Completed', I'll get back the correct data.
But, since SearchBuilder re-initializes the Value's from the filtered data it will only add 'Completed' to the values -- removing any chance of changing the filter to 'Canceled' without clearing the filter completely:

Thanks for your help!


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    That's right, SearchBuilder hasn't currently been implemented to consider serverSide, so you will be fighting a battle against the code. It's something we intend to add over the summer.


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