Why the the switch toggle stay fixed for other rows of datatable ?

Why the the switch toggle stay fixed for other rows of datatable ?

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I'm trying to add a switch toggle column to my Datable, for representing the status column

So I'm using the following code :

My Controller :

 function getdata(Request $request)
        return datatables()->of(Casting::latest()->get())
            ->addColumn('action', function($data){
                $button = '<table><tr><td>';
                $button .= '<button type="button" name="edit" id="'.$data->id.'" class="edit btn btn-primary btn-sm">Modifier</button>';
                $button .= '</td><td>';
                $button .= '<div class="custom-control custom-switch">';
                $button .= '<input type="checkbox" class="custom-control-input" id="switch1" name="status"';
                if ($data->status == 1) {

                    $button .= 'checked';

                $button .= '> <label class="custom-control-label" for="switch1"></label></div>';
                $button .= '</td></tr></table>';
                return $button;
    return view('Casting.castingss');

My view :

 <div class="row">
                <div class="col-12 mb-4 data-table-rows data-tables-hide-filter">
                        <table id="datatableRows" class="data-table responsive nowrap"
                            data-order="[[ 1, &quot;desc&quot; ]]">




  processing: true,
  serverSide: true,
   url: "{{ route('castingss.getdata') }}",
    data: 'casting_photo',
    name: 'casting_photo',
    render: function(data, type, full, meta){
              return "<img src={{ URL::to('/') }}/castingimages/" + data +  " class='list-thumbnail responsive border-0 card-img-left' />";
    orderable: false
    name: 'casting_name',
      return "<a href='profile'>" + data + "</a>";
    data: 'casting_cin',
    name: 'casting_cin'
    data: 'casting_phone',
    name: 'casting_phone'

    data: 'action',
    name: 'action',
    orderable: false

My Datatable :

The problem is that when I try to update or switch the toggle it stays fixed, it changes just for the first row of datatable


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