Editor 2.0.2 - datatable

Editor 2.0.2 - datatable

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We have a data editor form where the user can make a selection of Items. They can choose "all items" or "My items" via a radio button.

This button is the subject of a itemTable.dependent function which asks the database for a list of possible items, as per the radio buttons. The dependent function updates the item selection field with the appropriate list.

We display this list in a datatable type widget. All well and good, it all works.

BUT - when we change the list of items dynamically, the edit dialog box changes, both in length and width to accommodate the data items in the list.

Can we control the look and feel of the datatable selection field in the form to set the width and length, and lock these?

THIS IS LOW PRIORITY - Nothing is broken!

Edit - add screen shots !


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    In terms of the width, is it the overflow of the paging control that is the problem? I'm not actually seeing any other change in the width in the above screenshots.

    Regarding the height - one option would be to disable paging and use scrollY for the inner table. The other would be to set a min-height for the div.DTE_Field_Type_datatable elements.


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