Child Rows are not showing by click on Parent Row

Child Rows are not showing by click on Parent Row

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Link to test case:
I followed the tutorial I got the "Parent Row" data, by click on that "td" element my required output is showing in console window, but it is showing in UI. I used ajax call to get the Child Row data. Here I am adding my code
Debugger code (

  var table = $('#indentTable').DataTable();

  $('#indentTable tbody').on('click','td.details-control',function(){
      var PRNO = $(this).data('id');
      var PrId = $(this).data('refid'); // these 2 variables I have to make use in ajax call
      var tr = $(this).closest(tr);
      var row = table.row(tr);

          alert('Came to else part');  //This alert is coming
          row.child('hello').show(); //For Test added, but no use
          format(PRNO,PrId,row.child); // Child Table is not displaying, but showing in "Console window of Google Developer Tools"
}); //details-control End

function format(PRNO,PrId,callback)
   var PRNO = PRNO;
   var PrId = PrId;
    url : "my Url",
    type : "POST",
    data : {PRNO : PRNO,PrId: PrId},
    success : function(childdata){
        var data = JSON.parse(childdata); //Parsing my json data coming from controller
        var thead = ' ', tbody = ' ';
        for(var i=0;i<data.length;i++)
           tbody+= '<tr><td>'+data[i].X+'</td></tr>'+.......+'<tr><td>'+data[i].Z+'</td></tr>;
   }//success End
}); //ajax End
}//format function End
}); //document End

Error messages shown:
I didn't get any Error Messages here, But I didn't get Output.
Description of problem:
What mistake I done, really not understand. I am struggling with this from couple of weeks.
Please can anybody give suggestion... Thanks in advance

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