how to design 3-tier table relationship

how to design 3-tier table relationship

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Dear Sir,
I'd like to design a 3-tier table relation for customer.
for example:

TableA (parent): 
  id ,

TableB(child of TableA):
  TableA_id (from parent),

TableC(child of TableB)
  TableC_id (from id of TableB)

I built successfully TableA and TableB relationship as our example
but failed to link TableC.

I got an error messge from data function listed below.

data: function ( d ) {
                var selected = TableB.row( { selected: true } );
                if ( selected.any() ) {
                    d.TableC_id =;

Because I used explicitly field expression,, TableC.TableC_id in my editor and table column,
How can I replace "id" in "" with the right expression?
(If I replaced "" with "",
I'll got a wrong expression warnning) .

Hope to hear the right answer here!

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    Can you give me a link to the page you are working on so I can see how you are configuring the DataTables, Editor and also the data being returned from the server please.


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    Hi Allan,
    I've solved this issue already.
    I just replace the statement
    ''' d.tag_tagvalue_id = '''
    ''' d['tag_tagvalue_id'] =['id]'''
    Thank you!

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