Select for BS5 does not handle table variants

Select for BS5 does not handle table variants

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See issue created:

Example of challenge:

When using BS5 table variants like "table-light", "table-dark" etc select does not draw/coloring as expected.
See example (with and without table variant enable)

Default BS5 sets the --bs-table-bg: transparent, but when you use "table-light" then coloring is --bs-table-bg: #f8f9fa;

Tried to put "!important" behind the coloring of "background-color" in the select.bootstrap5.css, without any effect.
Is this a known bug?

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    Thanks for your message. As I noted in the Github issue, you are correct. DataTables Bootstrap 5 integration does not currently take into account the table variants that Bootstrap 5 offers, nor its CSS variables. We will support these in future, but don't have a timeline for it yet.


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