Dashboard responsive error in Datatable

Dashboard responsive error in Datatable

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Good morning everyone

I have an old project that aims to create a Dashboard with different information from a database, previously the front-end used to display it normally, but these days the responsive is not responding in a good way, I returned changes and it was still the same , I even went back to that same project but a backup I had from 2020. I have updated the datatable libraries but it remains the same. This is the jquery library code that I use to run the datatable.

$('#' + idTabla).addClass('table-hover');
            table = $('#' + idTabla).DataTable({
                'paging': true,
                'lengthChange': true,
                'lengthMenu': [[25, 50, 100, 200, -1], [25, 50, 100, 200, "Todos"]],
                'searching': true,
                'ordering': true,
                'autoWidth': true,
                'responsive': false,
                'fixedHeader': false,
                scrollY: "450px",
                scrollX: true,
                scrollCollapse: false,
                fixedColumns: {
                    leftColumns: 3
                columnDefs: [
                    { width: 20, targets: 0 },
                    { width: 80, targets: 1 },
                    { width: 80, targets: 2 }
                "order": [[1, "asc"]],
                keys: false,
                language: {
                    "sProcessing": "Procesando...",
                    "sLengthMenu": "Mostrar _MENU_ registros.",
                    "sZeroRecords": "No se encontraron resultados.",
                    "sEmptyTable": "Ningún dato disponible en esta tabla.",
                    "sInfo": "Mostrando registros del _START_ al _END_ de un total de _TOTAL_ registros.",
                    "sInfoEmpty": "Mostrando registros del 0 al 0 de un total de 0 registros.",
                    "sInfoFiltered": "(filtrado de un total de _MAX_ registros).",
                    "sInfoPostFix": "",
                    "sSearch": "Buscar:",
                    "sUrl": "",
                    "sInfoThousands": ",",
                    "sLoadingRecords": "Cargando...",
                    "oPaginate": {
                        "sFirst": "Primero",
                        "sLast": "Último",
                        "sNext": "Siguiente",
                        "sPrevious": "Anterior"
                    "oAria": {
                        "sSortAscending": ": Activar para ordenar la columna de manera ascendente.",
                        "sSortDescending": ": Activar para ordenar la columna de manera descendente."

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