Simplified single line change

Simplified single line change

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Good day,

As always, excuse me for the stupid question.

DataTables is a very powerful and sophisticated mechanism, I learned how to use it and I'm glad about it.

But I cannot achieve one simple task in any way.

For example, in the example at the link, clicking the Edit button opens a window for editing. The elements are located there in accordance with the columns of the data table.

For my logic on the site - I just want to use this particular opening window, without using all the tables in the background.

Essentially I need an interface to edit a single line.

I thought and understood for a long time, but still I ask for help.

How to do it?

Roughly speaking, a user visits the site and I want him to have a column:

  1. Field 1
  2. Field 2
  3. Field 3
  4. Field 4

and at the bottom is the Update button.

Thanks for the answer!

Sharkov Andrey


  • colincolin Posts: 14,362Questions: 1Answers: 2,444

    It sounds like these standalone examples should do the trick for you - it's actually what the DataTables login page uses, so there's another use case! Hope that helps,


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