Does ColReorder support multiple-row table headers?

Does ColReorder support multiple-row table headers?

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jsfiddle with basic example:

Hi folks - I recently discovered DataTables, and am really enjoying it. I switched to DataTables for the colreorder extension, so that I could re order columns on my table - so far, it's been great! The table I'd been using it on, had just a single <tr> tag within <thead>. However, today I tried to make another table, but on my new table, my table header has a sub header (I mean, two <tr> tags within <thead> - the jsfiddle above shows the simple example). I noticed that the col reordering only applies to the lowest row in the table header (the sub columns). Is there a way to control this, so that only the top row is re-orderable? Or is this not currently possible?

Thanks so much in advance.

(P.S. I realize the jsfiddle is giving console errors from DataTables - locally, I am not receiving any errors, but I have DataTables downloaded locally, not sure what's the exact difference. Either way - the column re-ordering is happening in the jsfiddle, but just like it does locally, it only applies to the sub headers.)


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    I’m sorry to say that, no it does not. We do have plans to improve our multi-row header support in future, and that will trickle down to ColReorder as well, but I’m afraid that it is likely some time away.


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    No problem, DataTables is so great for what I've needed it for, I can get by without this. I really appreciate the quick follow up, saves me the time digging around to try and make something happen that wasn't possible. I'll find an alternative to multiple rows in my headers instead.

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