data range filter

data range filter

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i am using this as an example:
I have 2 changes i need to make in that example, first how do i change the calendar that opens when you click the input to spanish language and what changes i need to make in the JS if in my example the datatable shows the date like this 13/01/2022, the example shows the format date like this 2022/01/13 and i having troubles with that

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    For the language option, see this example here - it's demonstrating just that.

    The format in the table would use what the data source is. If your data source is that format, then you should be good to go. If not, we're happy to take a look, but as per the forum rules, please link to a test case - a test case that replicates the issue will ensure you'll get a quick and accurate response. Information on how to create a test case (if you aren't able to link to the page you are working on) is available here.



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