Change css Ajax success

Change css Ajax success

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Hi,i have to try change css cell or row after ajax success. With jquery by id selector no problem because it's on screen.
$('#idofcell').css('background-color', 'greenyellow');
But when a filter is active the #idofcell not exist and css not applied. Which is the way of change it on table.cell or table row ?? All tr and td have id.
var filaTR = table.row('#25666');


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    If #idofcell refers to a specific cell you can use cell().node() to get the cell's node. I think this might work:

    $( table.cell( '#idofcell' ).node() ).css('background-color', 'greenyellow');

    You can do something similar if you are trying to apply the CSS to a row with row().node().


  • sks82sks82 Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    I had a little mess of concepts. I was using .css without jquery($). Works perfect.

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