How can i buy editor from india?

How can i buy editor from india?

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Hi I am from India, I love data tables its a great plugin, i tried to purchase editor (single developer license) through credit cards (I tried Amex, Visa, MasterCard ) but the payment never went through. then i reached contact us page explained all this things there. Then i got a reply from datatables saying your transaction is declined please contact your bank. I don't know why i'm not able to purchase. please help and any buyer from india?

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    Your reply back by e-mail was from me. Did you get a chance to contact your bank and ask them why the transaction didn't go though? As it is an international transaction, some banks can automatically block the payment depending on their security setup.

    We also have a PayPal option. On the purchase page click the "Single payment" button above the pricing grid. Then then you checkout you'll have a PayPal option. There is no subscription option via PayPal at this time.


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