Search Builder - Auto Select Condition

Search Builder - Auto Select Condition

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Link to test case:

Description of problem: When I go to select a 'Data' field, is there a way to have it automatically choose the condition? I want the 'contains' condition to be automatically chosen (user should not have to click conditions and 'contains' condition should be applied automatically).

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    You could do something like this:

      $('.dataTables_wrapper').on('change','.dtsb-data',  function(e, el) {
        var cond = $(e.currentTarget).next();
        var opts = $("option[disabled!='disabled']", cond);
        if (opts.length === 1) {

    It's checking to see how many options are enabled, and if only one, then select it.

    I like the idea of a default condition, I'll see if the other think it's an option. I've raised it internally (DD-2512 for my reference) and we'll report back here when there's an update.



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    Hi @fiji885 ,

    Just to let you know that we have implemented this and it will be available in the next SearchBuilder release which we hope will be in the next few weeks. Until then you can access the fix from the nightly builds.

    Until then, you can see it in action at this example.


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