Saved States modal switching to Dropdown when managing a State

Saved States modal switching to Dropdown when managing a State

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I am not a developer and very much a copy and paste coder. Using tutorials to my best advantage, tweaking them to do what I require. I've looked at all the Datatables examples and got this far, however...

I have a button for Saved States. When clicked it loads the Modal to Create State or Manage the previously saved ones.

Link to test case:
There is also: ?mode=live and ?mode=ip
If you would like to see data in the table you need SimHub ( and the Swoop plugin (
Debugger code (
Error messages shown: None
Description of problem:
- On the Modal that appears the dropdown arrow button is wider than the button with the Saved State Title on it.
- When you click on the dropdown arrow it loads a dropdown menu from the button in the menu bar instead of a new Modal.
- In summary the UI is all off basically.


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    Hi @growe19 ,

    You have some strange initialisations for the buttons. For example

        extend: 'savedStatesCreate',
        collectionLayout: 'fixed columns', //three-column // fixed columns
        collectionTitle: '<span class="text-dark"><h3>Manage Layout States</h3></span>',
        className: 'btn-dark'

    Why are you setting the collection layout to be fixed columns? Setting things like this is what is causing the issues you are seeing.


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    I saw it in an example for one thing and assumed it was needed for all of them to get the modal to appear. I do actually want the modal. The UI works less with that line commented out. I did try to explain I don't really know what I'm doing.

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    Is there a CSS way to change the sizes of the buttons on this modal?

  • colincolin Posts: 15,091Questions: 1Answers: 2,580

    This thread here discusses resizing buttons generally, so may be helpful,


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