ColVis Restore Column not working

ColVis Restore Column not working

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I save the setting of the ColVis in a cookie, but if I hide columns and leave the page, once I've come back to the page it loads fine with the correct columns hidden, but the RESTORE COLUMNS button no longer works. If I hide or show another column then click that button, it only toggles that column.

Does anyone have a fix for this?


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    Interesting one - the way the restore works is that it will reset back to the way that DataTables was initialised, but in this case it was initialised with the settings from the cookie (at least as far as ColVis sees it).

    I've added this to my to-do list to fix it. Unfortunately its non-trivial since it will require ColVis to reconstruct the initialisation column options array (i.e. combine aoColumnDefs and aoColumns as DataTables does).

    Thanks for flagging this up!

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