Editor not loading

Editor not loading

peterbrownepeterbrowne Posts: 314Questions: 54Answers: 0

I had this working for a long time. Suddenly stopped working for one page I'm using the editor for. Works for other pages.

Really odd.

Any ideas? I need this up pretty quickly..

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  • peterbrownepeterbrowne Posts: 314Questions: 54Answers: 0

    Seems to be working OK now. This is the only issue:

    It appears to be a server/network problem, which has since resolved itself.

  • allanallan Posts: 61,584Questions: 1Answers: 10,084 Site admin
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    Looks like the CKEditor CDN might have had a temporary issue. The .map file is used for debugging. If you want to remove that warning on the console you'll need to check your build tools to see why either the map file isn't being built, remove it from the built file, or if it is from a package, ask its author.


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