Why does my Child Row Extra Data close on reload?

Why does my Child Row Extra Data close on reload?

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Great news!! I've got a static dataset and working example for you to see. So there is no need to have the sim installed and other required plug-ins to get data into my table B)

Link to test case: https://growe19.github.io/swoop-leaderboard/?mode=static&hide=2&order=1&class=&showme=3
Click on the expand button in the inverted row, which is row 3.

Code: https://github.com/growe19/swoop-leaderboard/tree/use-functions-example

Error messages shown: No error messages in Console.

Description of problem: The expanded child row with extra data in it close and does not remain shown when the ajax reloads the table data. The table data needs to refresh a lot because it is live and fed from races. You're looking at static data but the problem persists. Who won't the child row remain shown?


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