Getting FixedColumns to work

Getting FixedColumns to work

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Link to test case:
Debugger code (
Error messages shown: Type 'JQuery' is not generic
Description of problem:
I've been using (1.10.18) for a while. Recently requested to have a fixed column. Using nuget I first upgraded to 1.12.1 before also installing (4.1.0). I received many errors and found the article below discussing my exact problem. I followed Allan's instructions, installing the [./typings/jquery/jquery.d.ts] file and repointed the references. However, I can't delete the types.d.ts file without getting a missing file error.

After following instructions, I still get 4 .. [Type 'JQuery' is not generic] errors on these 4 lines in FixedColumns.d.ts
export interface IDOM {
leftBottomBlocker: JQuery<HTMLElement>;
leftTopBlocker: JQuery<HTMLElement>;
rightBottomBlocker: JQuery<HTMLElement>;
rightTopBlocker: JQuery<HTMLElement>;

Referencing article and ticket#:
Internal bug #DD-2469

/// <reference types=""/>
I'm also getting a "Cannot find type definition for ''.
It was advised to delete types.d.ts (which I can't), but I can get rid of this error by removing one of the slashes (//) to just make it a comment. That removes the error, but not sure if that will cause problems elsewhere.

any assistance would be appreciated.

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