Editor: Using field().disable with an AJAX implementation

Editor: Using field().disable with an AJAX implementation

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Description of problem:
Is it possible to disable an Editor field by passing the 'disable' attribute in JSON.

I have a client/server implementation of Datatables using Rails, and the client/server interaction is working robustly.

I have a requirement to disable Editor fields based on data generated on the server, and passed to the Datatables Editor via JSON.

Is the a way of passing the 'disable' attribute to an Editor field via JSON?


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    edited December 2022

    Check your response data and use in preOpen event handler:

    editor.on('preOpen', function (e) {
        let mode = editor.mode(); // Gets editor mode, (create, edit, remove)
        let modifier = editor.modifier();  // Gets the selected row of the table
        let data = table.row(modifier).data();
        if(  data.XXX == "xxx" ) {
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