child row columns on responsive datatable

child row columns on responsive datatable

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is it possible to have more columns on child rows?
as with current default responsive plugin, only show 1 column

which seem to be an issue when dealing with large amount of column (30+) in large screen size, the overflown data would look so small on the very left side of the screen

asking if there's a way to simply have more columns, preferably self-adjustable depending on user's screen size - i.e this with 2 columns on child row

which in smaller screen will back to 1 column, and in larger ones will increase to 3,4,5,etc


  • allanallan Posts: 58,894Questions: 1Answers: 9,479 Site admin

    Yes. The default for Responsive is to use a ul list, which has a class of dtr-details. So you can apply whatever styling you want to that. E.g. add column-count: 2:


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