SearchPanes and Server-side processing

SearchPanes and Server-side processing

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I'm using the callback() function in the ajax option to populate the data, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm following the format from, but am wondering if the key is in the right place.

SearchPanes is loading, but I get the message "No SearchPanes", which makes me think that the searchPanes key in the callback isn't right.

ajax: (params, callback, settings) => {

    // hardcode the options for this example.
    options = {
        code: {
            label: 'code',
            value: 'code',
            count: 3,
            total: 3

    // should something else be set here?
    let searchPanes = {
        options: options

    let callbackValues = {
        draw: params.draw,
        data: d,
        searchPanes: searchPanes,
        recordsTotal: total,
        recordsFiltered: total, //  itemsReturned,

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  • tacman1123tacman1123 Posts: 89Questions: 24Answers: 1
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    In the end, it turned out to be a bad columnDefs configuration.

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