Qt usage on DataTables

Qt usage on DataTables

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DataTables 1.13.4


We are having some performance issues concerning data processing. This data is obtained via an ajax call on DataTables.
Using the Edge performance tool (see image) and analysing the profiler, one of the conclusions we came across was that the call of the Qt function may be taking too long.
We would like to know the purpose of this function and what triggers it, so that we can understand better if we can do something to fix this performance issue.

Thank you.


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    Qt in this context is going to be a function name given by the minifier. I've no idea what it is I'm afraid. Could you run it with unminified code and post the same again (or even better a link to a test case)?

    When I read your post title I wondered how on earth DataTables was going to be used in the Qt framework?! :)


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