Too many FixedColumns _addStyles

Too many FixedColumns _addStyles

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DataTables 1.13.4


We are facing some performance issues concerning data processing on DataTables and we would like to understand if there is some of our own code creating this kind of issues.

Using Edge performance tool we see that we have many FixedColumns.prototype._addStyles invocations. Hence, we would like your help to understand when its supposed to invoke this function at the basis of DataTables. With this maybe we can understand if there is something we are doing wrong using the library.

Thank you.


  • allanallan Posts: 61,617Questions: 1Answers: 10,089 Site admin

    If you could create a test case showing the issue, that would be really helpful.

    This is the source code which you can search for _addStyles. You'll see that it is called in a number of event listeners. So perhaps your implementation is triggering one of those.


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