Server side searchPanes: help

Server side searchPanes: help

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HelIo, I experience some difficulties to use searchpanes with server mode enbled. I used to use them on front mode.

I first has issues to add a custom pane, not linked to a specific column, but it seems not possible, so I ended by create a unvisible column.. Is there a better solution I didn't saw ?

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    I'm sorry to say that at the moment, I think that is a limitation with SearchPanes. Custom panes and server-side processing don't play nicely together. That is in part because with server-side processing enabled the filtering is done by the database, and therefore any custom pane filtering would need to be setup to interact with the database - i.e. not trivial. I do remember talking about that issue in the past, but I don't think it was ever resolved fully. SearchPanes does need a bit of an overhaul - I'll try to think about this aspect as well when working on that.


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    Ok thank you for the answer, I ended up thinking it was a "new feature" so not fully integrated so you're reassuring me.

    If I may add, I just discover "ajax.reload" does not update the searchpanes infos, so I added "searchPanes.rebuildPane" function, and saw that it send an ajax request for every pane, in addition to the redraw one (because I want to keep selection).
    I have 2 panes, and update the table every 5 secondes (datas in database are often updated by something else), so it make 3 ajax request (which seems are the sames) every 5 secondes.
    I think refreshing panes could be simplier, maybe just read server response every time and rebuild panes if needed ?

    Anyways, good luck, and thank you for the tool.

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    Agreed, that doesn't sound very good at the moment. The SearchPanes use DataTables as a display for the "pane", and it might be that the server-side processing parameter is incorrect propagating.


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