Como puedo modificar los datos de mi DataTable

Como puedo modificar los datos de mi DataTable

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Hola, tengo mi dataTable creada, esta lee los datos de Google Sheets. Y la idea final es que aparte de leer los datos, tenga la funcionalidad de modificarlos. Alguien me podria ayudar por favor


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    Hi, I have my dataTable created, it reads data from Google Sheets. And the final idea is that apart from reading the data, it has the functionality to modify it. Could someone help me please

    I'm not familiar with the Google Sheets API so can't provide specifics about how to update Google Sheets.

    Datatables has the Editor library that provides full featured editing capabilities. Take a look at the examples. The ajax option can be a function to create a custom ajax request that might be needed for the Google Sheets API.

    Or you can create your own editing code and use jQuery Ajax() to send the updates to the Google Sheets API.

    Let us know of any questions.


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