Searchpane with multiple values in one column

Searchpane with multiple values in one column

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I have a question if the following use-case is possible and if there might be an example.

I use two search panes for filtering.
My table consists of different items and one of the column is called category
In this field/cell there could be a single category or multiple categories.

The values of one of the search panes are the ones used in the category column. If I use only one category per item I will get a list of single words in my search pane. (This is what I want.) If I have multiple categories in one of those cells (for example if the item has multiple categories), those exact letters will get used as filter option. But what I want is that the categories should be available as single words in the search pane.


Name   Category
ABC    test
ABCD   test, test2
AB     test2, test3

So, the search pane filter options would look like this

test, test2
test2, test3

But what I want is this:


And if I filter via the search pane and select test2 then the 2nd + 3rd rows should be shown. If I select test, then the 1st and 2nd rows should be shown. The selection of test3 should only show the 3rd row.

Is that possible?

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