Check Boxes for Each Table Row

Check Boxes for Each Table Row

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Has anyone used DataTables along with check boxes at the beginning of each row...

I want to be able to select certain rows in the table and then act on those selected rows.

For example, if the rows in the table are associated with something, I may want to delete
all of the checked rows...

Also, if anyone thinks this would be a good candidate for a new plugin let me know as well.
And if you are already familiar with the code -- how difficult would it be to implement this,
and/or does this idea make any sense or seem like a good idea.

I am new to datatables so excuse me if this question has been asked before and there
already exists a solution.

Michael I Angerman


  • michaelangermanmichaelangerman Posts: 2Questions: 0Answers: 0
    I believe after further searching through the documentation that I can answer my own question.

    It looks like the "datatables with form elements example" is exactly what I want...

    Once I look into this further I will update this thread with what I have learned.
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    Hi Michael,

    There are a couple of different methods for doing what you are looking for. If you want to use just Ajax, then the best method is certainly the 'form elements' example. If you need to have the page refresh (no Ajax) then you can use the fnGetHiddenNodes() API plug-in function to gather the information from the table about hidden nodes and create the required hidden input elements (don't need to do so for the visible elements since they will be submitted by the browser).

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