server side processing - limit requests

server side processing - limit requests

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I'm using DataTables 1.9 with server side processing and I have performance issues when users type filter phrase. This is because requests to the server are made every character user types. When user types 10 character word then 10 requests are made. I would like the plugin to check time period that elapsed from entering the last character and only fire request when that time is long enough (at least 1 second for example). In other words I'm looking for the way to actually fire ajax request when user stops typing filter phrase rather than firing it every typed character. Is there a way to achive this kind of behaviour or maybe you could add such feature in the future?



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    This plug-in introduces a key "debounce" which will help: . There is also a filter on return key plug-in. A filter button could also be done in a similar way to those two plug-ins.

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    Yes, filtering delay is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
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