custom row show/hide details

custom row show/hide details

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can i get the opposite of this?
the master row being custom,and by pressing a button,show/hide a regular datatable grid.

the master row should be looking like this:

field1 | field 3 | field 5
field2 |field 4 | field 6


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    Sure - when you press your show/hide button to show the DataTable, just insert an HTML table as normal and call the $(...).dataTable() method on it. DataTables doesn't create where in the DOM it is, it will take an HTML table and enhance it anywhere.

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    i was thinking about that for detail part, BUT the main problem is
    how can i make the master part, the custom row (with 3 fields in one column/cell) ?
    in my example each row,contains 15 fields,and i want to group 3 fields per column ,so 3 fields /column and it will be 5 column
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    so for that example in show/hide row details the 1st row i would like to have Render Engine and Browser fields in one column,and Platform and Grade fields in a second column of the master table.
    so,it's some kind of redrawing the format of the row...
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