Help creating a filterable table.

Help creating a filterable table.

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I would like to create a page for my Wordpress site containing a filterable table. Each row will have just two columns: one naming an organization, the second column will contain a brief description. Currently I have installed the Tables Reloaded plugin, but have not yet used it because I am unsure of how to make it filterable in the way I want.

I would like my visitors to be able to filter through the table using checkboxes detailing the information they are searching for. The table would then be narrowed to show only the entries applicable to the checked tags. So each row would somehow need to be tagged to correspond with the checkbox choices.

Is this possible? If there is not a plugin that could accomplish this task, where can I go to find someone who would be able to create this or something with the same end result for me?

Thank you so much.

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