Server side column filtering

Server side column filtering

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I tried out DataTables 1.9.0 with server side processing and some first-class plug-ins active in parallel: colReorder, colVis and Jovan's columnFilter (which is first-class quality, if not by name here, too :-). Everything works nicely until we switch on configuration flag bStateSave and I find it difficult to identify which column search string in sSearch_0, _1, ... belongs to which column.

I believe there is a bug-related mix-up of column indices either in the state save cookie or in one of the plug-ins. Column filters will show up in wrong positions on page revisit. At first I (falsely) attributed this to columnFilter but ran into exactly the same problem when replacing columnFilter by simple textbox inputs as suggested here and discussed here

I assigned names to the indiviual columns using mDataProp setting in aoColumns array, and I believe it would be a great support in server side processing if we could get the sSearch_ parameters as a dictionary, mapping column names to search strings with no need to find the proper permutation of integer indices induced by column reordering.

As added benefit, if there is a problem in state save or column permutation or hiding, the dictionary would make it easier to diagnose the problem, you'd see from the json a faulty condition, equally with no need for counting / permuting columns.

In order to not break existing code, this feature should be activated by a new configuration switch.

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Michael Böhnisch


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    I too ran into the exact problem, thanks for laying out all the details.
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