enable "bProcessing" for filtering

enable "bProcessing" for filtering

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Thanks a lot for a great component!! I am using this in one of the applications where hundreds of rows are loaded at once in the client side. Due to the volume of the data, the filtering (on all columns) seems to cause a little delay. Is there any way to enable the "bProcessing" setting for filtering as well?



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    Hi Magesh,

    There isn't currently a way of doing this other than to use custom filtering. I didn't include it originally when bProcessing was on by default as I found it quite intrusive for small tables. However, now that bProcessing is off by default, perhaps it is correct to include it. Perhaps what is needed is an extra option (urgh - not another one!!) which allows this, or a custom API plug-in function could be used to do it - which is perhaps a bit more attractive.

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    Allan, Thanks for the quick response.

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