keys.block = false not working

keys.block = false not working

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I'm having a problem with keys.block = false not working. I'm using a keytable with input elements within an html table. I'm not using keytable with jeditable because that would require a lot of modification to my current application. The following is the code that I'm using:

var keys = new KeyTable( {
"table": document.getElementById('timesheetTable')
} );

keys.event.action(null,null, function(nCell){
keys.block = true;
//var node = $(keys.fnGetCurrentTD()).children()[0];
var temp = $(nCell).children()[0];
if(event.keyCode == 13){

//var node = $(keys.fnGetCurrentTD()).children()[0];
keys.block = false;


What I basically want to do is to unblock the keytable keys so that when the user presses enter on the input and then uses the arrow keys the keytable takes effect. I tried debugging in chrome and for some reason it just does not unblock the keytable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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